Beyond cacao, we trade in dignity

We are a 100% Mayan-owned Cacao non-profit organization and our mission is to provide fair pay, empowerment, and respect to our team of local indigenous women in San Marcos, Guatemala and to empower them to believe in themselves and the value of their work.

Our cacao is sustainably sourced and organic, providing you with the highest quality, ceremonial-grade cacao so you can connect to the heart-opening properties & magic of this sacred elixir.

  • Elissia Oritaiye

    You can feel the love 

    "I am a ceremonialist and cacao connoisseur, so when I say this cacao is divine! I truly feel this cacao has a purity to it that is unmatched and the feeling is loving and divinely feminine. It’s also very smooth consistency; rich, gentle yet powerful. I love it & am working with Maya Moon Cacao for all of my ceremonies now 🥰 Thank you to all of the hands that touch this sacred medicine 🙏🏾"

  • Kana

    Wonderful product

    "Incredible cocoa truly made with care. WOW WOW WOW so happy"

  • Lauren

    Exceptional quality, incredible mission

    "I love this cacao, it has a much more rich and complex flavor than more commercial cacao. I am very glad to be able to directly support a women-owned business in Guatemala that serves and employs the community that holds cacao as part of its cultural tradition. Thank you for making this beautiful product available and I will continue to support your work and mission!"

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What Is Ceremonial Cacao & What Makes It “Ceremonial”?

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  • 100% Organinc

    Organically grown in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala.

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  • Fair Trade

    We believe in inclusion, dignity and love.

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  • Ceremonial Grade

    It is made from high-quality Criollo cacao beans.

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