About Maya Moon Cacao

Ütz Awäch!

We are Maura & Elizabet Sacach, Sisters and
Co-funders of Maya Moon Cacao

We are indigenous kaqchikel Mayan sisters, born and raised in the village of San Marcos La Laguna on the shores of the beautiful Lake Atitlan in the mountains of western Guatemala. We are the founders of Maya Moon Cacao, and we'd love to share our cultural heritage from ancestral traditions of this loving medicine with you!

Our mission is to provide a dignified living wage to Mayan single mothers and handicapped youth in San Marcos La Laguna and fair trade opportunities to our farmer partners. Our team works hard to bring you the purest artisanal organic cacao, for a sacred cacao ceremony or just a healthy smoothie. Maya Moon Cacao - the Drink of the Gods!


Our native cacao beans are sourced directly from our fair-trade partners at the Lachua farm in a remote village in the mountainous Alta Verapaz region. Our cacao is organically grown, harvested, fermented and dried at the farm before being transported to San Marcos La Laguna.


Our team of Mayan mothers in San Marcos then roasts, hand-peels and grinds the cacao beans before they are molded into blocks of 100% pure cacao paste. We can also hand-grate our paste blocks to produce easy-to-use fresh ground cacao.

MAYA MOON CACAO brings you more than just a delicious “cacao drink” - it's the Nectar of the Gods! We offer you our cultural heritage, our ancestral traditions, and a true superfood and medicine for the heart. We encourage you to sit with your cacao, ceremonially. There is only one other ingredient added to our cacao during its preparation, and that is …so much love! 🤍