Our Mission & History

Hi! We are Maura and Elizabet Sacach, and we are the Indigenous Founders and Owners of MAYA MOON CACAO. We prepare and promote 100% pure artisanal cacao from the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. We are sisters from San Marcos La Laguna, on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan, and are the daughters of a large Kaqchikel family who reside in the mountainside of our home village.

This social enterprise that we share with you carries our hearts and best intentions for the betterment of our community and yours. We provide fair work opportunities and a dignified living wage to those who are truly in need. We believe in inclusion, dignity and love.

“I began my cacao journey working for a foreign-owned cacao business. Over the course of more than 5 years, I learned, improved and developed my production techniques so much that I became the top producer for my employer and helped to expand the team by teaching other local women how to prepare a high quality cacao. I am so happy and proud to now have my very own cacao business through which I can give work to my people and share what we do with the world!” ~ Elizabet

“When I first saw my sister peeling cacao beans by hand in her humble home, I had no idea what she was doing or the work that was involved in producing a fine block of cacao. My curiosity led me to research this craft and I quickly found out that so many women in my village were being extremely poorly paid to do such arduous work. This triggered me into taking action. I would support Elizabet in launching her own brand of cacao, whilst promoting fair trade, recognition and reward among our community and beyond.” ~ Maura

We created MAYA MOON CACAO in 2019 to share our cultural heritage, ancestral traditions and this lovingly made superfood with you. Our mission is to offer dignified employment to indigenous single mothers and special needs people of our Mayan village on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. As an added bonus, we offer the very finest artisanal cacao to the world!

We are delighted to share our products and story with you! 🤍

Many blessings.

Thank you! Gracias! Maltiox!

Maura & Elizabet