The Moon and Cacao in Mayan Tradition

The Moon and Cacao in Mayan Tradition

For the Maya, the moon was a powerful symbol of fertility and femininity. According to the Mayan tradition, the sun was male and the moon was female, and the two were locked in an eternal battle. The dark patches on the surface of the moon were believed to be wounds inflicted by the sun's arrows.

Full moon

The Maya also saw the effects of the moon on tides and weather, and they believed that it had a strong influence on human emotions. As a result, the moon played an important role in Mayan religious ceremonies and mythology. In modern times, the Maya continue to revere the moon as a symbol of feminine power.

The Moon in Mayan Mythology

In Mayan mythology, the moon plays a significant role in the creation story. According to the Mayans, the world was created when two gods - one light and one dark - sacrificed themselves. From their sacrificed bodies, the sun, stars, and planets were born. The moon was created from the left eye of the god of darkness. As a result, the Mayans believed that the moon was a symbol of darkness and night. However, they also believed that the moon had the power to bring light into the world.

In Mayan cosmology, the universe is divided into three realms: the Underworld, Middleworld, and Upperworld. The Underworld is a realm of darkness, while Middleworld is a realm of light. The Upperworld is where the sun resides. The moon is said to travel between these three realms, bringing light to Middleworld during the day and darkness to Middleworld during the night. As such, the moon is seen as a intermediary between light and darkness, day and night. For the Mayans, the moon was a powerful symbol of balance and harmony.

Moon phases

The Moon and Cacao

Mayan culture has long been associated with cacao, and the two have been entwined for centuries. The power of the moon was an important part of Mayan cosmology, and it was believed that the lunar cycle exerted a powerful influence over the growth of cacao. In particular, the full moon was thought to promote fertility and abundance, making it an ideal time for planting and harvesting. Today, many Maya still associate cacao with the power of the moon, and they continue to ceremonial observe lunar cycles in their cultivation and use of this important crop.

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Mayan women peeling cacao beans 

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