Discover the divine origins of cocoa, the key to heavenly chocolate. Join the celebration on July 7th for World Cocoa Day and share the love with #CocoaDay.

International Day of Cacao

The International Day of Cacao, celebrated on July 7th each year, has an interesting history. The initiative for this day was proposed in 2010 by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO) and the French Academy of Master Chocolatiers and Confectioners. The ICCO is an intergovernmental organization established in 1973 under the auspices of the United Nations, operating within the framework of the International Cocoa Agreements.

The International Day of Cacao aims to raise awareness about the importance of cacao and its cultural and economic significance. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the rich history and heritage of cacao cultivation, production, and consumption worldwide. The day serves as a platform for various activities such as workshops, tastings, and visits to chocolate museums. Additionally, people can participate in the celebration through social media by using the hashtag #CacaoDay.

The International Day of Cacao has gained momentum over the years, becoming a global observance for chocolate enthusiasts, professionals in the cocoa industry, and chocolate lovers alike. It highlights the multifaceted nature of cacao, from its role as an essential ingredient in chocolate to its cultural importance in different regions. On this day, people come together to appreciate the flavors and aromas of cacao, learn about its nutritional benefits, and support sustainable cocoa farming practices. Celebrating the International Day of Cacao on July 7th is a way to honor the historical and ongoing legacy of this beloved tropical fruit.
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