Mama Cacao's Gift: The Art of Intention-Set Water Alchemy

Mama Cacao's Gift: The Art of Intention-Set Water Alchemy

Experience the Transformative Powers of Moon-infused Water and Crystal Energies.

Inspired by the concept of intention-setting for ceremonial cacao, we've crafted a simple yet profound ritual to elevate your water for sacred moments.

1. The Energetic Elixir: Blue Glass Bottles

Initiate the process by selecting a vessel for your water that resonates with purity – a blue glass bottle or a blue glass dropper can work, and if you only have a clear glass bowl, that works too!

We want to emphasize that the vibration of the color blue, while perhaps lacking "scientific backing," according to chromotherapy and vibrational therapy, helps impart a certain energetic resonance to the water. Most of the water we consume is either bottled for extended periods, losing its connection to its natural origin of constant movement, or comes from city underground pipes. Therefore, the simple act of paying attention to and setting intentions for the water makes a significant difference when using it for therapeutic and energetic purposes. The essence of the water is amplified when it's housed in this particular container, capturing the pure vibration of the liquid. As we know, the clarity of the water that carries or prepares ceremonial cacao adds depth to the experience. You can leave your water in the preferably blue or clear bottle, covered with a cork or fabric, in sunlight for a few hours: the most energetic times are at sunrise, noon, and sunset.

2. Solar and Lunar Messages: A Dance of Energies

Did you know you can use solar and lunar energies, masculine and feminine respectively, to infuse your water with them along with giving it a special intention? This simple yet profound ritual helps integrate the energies of the present moment into our energetic, emotional, mental, and physical fields. Additionally, during the full moon, the sun is in the zodiac sign of its complementary opposite, aiding in a much deeper healing by merging both energies.
To carry it out is as simple as placing the blue glass bottle with your chosen water under a tree or plant of your choice for the entire day and night, especially during the full moon. The water, inherently feminine, becomes a conduit for the potent messages you impart upon it. Consider leaving a written message or healing symbols on or beneath the bottle, utilizing the energy of Reiki or other sacred symbols. Remember, simplicity suffused with love and respect holds tremendous energetic power. The next day, this energized water becomes the base for your ceremonial cacao, preserving its potency by storing it away from direct sunlight or heat, lasting approximately seven days in the refrigerator.


Sunlight Moonlight blue glass

3. Crystal Clear Vibrations: Quartz Infusion

Embark on a journey to infuse your water with the expansive energy of quartz crystal. Begin with a clear intention. Prior to use, purify the crystal by placing it in a glass with water and sea salt overnight. As you hold the cleansed crystal close to your heart, connect with its vibration through deep breaths. Express gratitude for its power to expand your light, heal your inner waters (emotions), and facilitate the release or illumination of whatever your being requires. Allow yourself the time needed for this meaningful ritual.

Next, place your crystal within the bottle or bowl filled with water under the enchanting glow of the moonlight throughout the night, embracing its energy until the dawn of the next day. In the morning, add a small or comfortable amount of this infused water to prepare your ceremonial cacao. Experience the unique and truly magical synergy of the quartz crystal, water, and the full moon. I promise, it will be an extraordinary journey.

quartz crystal
Remember, the essence of this ritual lies not only in the actions but also in infusing each step with love and respect. As you undertake this ceremonial water charging journey, let every drop be a reflection of your intentions, enhancing the sacred moments that unfold.

Elevate your ceremonies with the purity of energized water – a simple yet profound practice offering profound healing for our hearts. Gratitude to Mother Cacao for sharing this wisdom with our hearts! 🌙💧✨ 

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